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Timothy Alexander White

FAS Master of Ceremonies

Co-Host Blue Tube

Meet Timothy Alexander White, a voice-over actor, former full-time radio announcer, public speaker, moderator and Master of Ceremonies of Festival at Sea. Timothy introduces all major events and activities onboard our annual charter. His background in entertainment and responsibilities onboard led him to create Blue Tube to give passengers a behind-the-scenes of FAS' entertainment. Tim & Karwanna conduct interviews with artists and talents where they discuss their career origins, future plans and Festival at Sea performances. With over 30 years of experience in the entertainment field, Tim knows what it takes to put on a good show. We are proud to have him as a part of our Festival at Sea family.

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Karwanna Dyson

Founder Women's Hour of Power

Co-Host Blue Tube

Meet Karwanna D, a vibrant business coach, a successful entrepreneur, author and a fiery motivational speaker. Her greatest passion is helping other women and minority small business owners grow their business with government contracts so they can have successful and sustainable businesses with consistent income. Karwanna D. has been featured on many platforms including CBS, NBC, FOX, Star Tribune Business, SBA SBDC and more, where she has helped many to gain clarity of vision and take charge of their success. Karwanna D. is also an author and speaker, a 13 year Biz Veteran, a Certified Life Coach specializing in business coaching, and the CEO of She’s Got Goals LLC.