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Some would call this a Black Cruise, and that is cool, but let us explain why we call it an African American Cultural Cruise. We will also let you know about 

all the fun that goes down on the ship, creating events designed with your music, your entertainment, and your kind of fun.  Festival At Sea’s African American Cultural Cruise is a celebration of family, music, dance, religion, comedy, family structure, literature, art and so much more. It is about our individual and wonderful differences, families, and our community. African American minorities are the second largest minority group, and we are traveling and exploring the world. We hope you are too. ​Festival At Sea has cruised for THIRTY years. Many of our guests have traveled numerous years with us. We have generations of cruisers; grandmothers, moms, and dads, and children are cruising with us. This cultural cruise places you in a different mindset.  We are family, and when first-time cruisers come on board, they are amazed at how thousands of people can cruise together, have fun, and get along. Yes, we can cruise together, and yes, we have for over 30 years now. First-time cruisers also wonder why no one told them about the Festival At Sea Cruise. 

We get the whole ship

The Sail Away Party starts before you unpack your luggage.  Yeah, they take your luggage to your room, and your job is to find the party.  Imagine this, you get on the cruise ship with about three thousand others, and the music is bumping. And guess what?  You know the song.  I know right?  Your fellow travelers know the song too.  ¯Wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble… ¯. Involuntarily, your happiness meter starts to kick into overdrive, and your body starts dancing.  Everyone is grooving and partying and an hour has not even passed.  People are smiling and greeting one another.  Drinks are flowing while the ship is leaving the port.   Wanna see it?   Here it goes 

Party on the Beach


For itineraries with private island stops, we have a beach party and bring our DJ’s.  The Caribbean water is so blue that you may want to start using designer names to describe it, like Celeste, periwinkle, and azure blue. The beautiful, clean and clear tropical water is the backdrop to our unique beach party.  As you get yourself settled, you will notice the pros are already in the water dancing, some are in rented cabanas, and others are collecting their drinks.  Some people just relax on the beach and enjoy the sights and sounds while catching island fever.  You will see your fellow cruisers nodding their heads to one another like “Yeah we are on an island partying” and “Ah get it.”   Laughter, dancing, music, and games like Tug of War keep our guests entertained.



Ahhhh that’s my jam.  Music is deeply rooted in African American Culture.  The beats, rhythms, and movements are part of us.   When you cruise with Festival At Sea, you will hear our music.  The musical selection is designed with you in mind … familiar soulful music piping through the speakers of restaurants, hallways, and casinos.   Our shows and concerts have headline acts like Charlie Wilson, Dru Hill, Doug E. Fresh, Kirk Franklin, Bell Biv Devoe, Faith Evans, Baby Face, and more.  DJ’s spin R&B, old school, house, reggae, gospel and more, while people gather outside on the main deck, in the lounges, in staged areas, and at night during our themed parties.  Bring some comfortable shoes and learn to get your groove on.  Join our many dance classes, and you will get a chance to show your moves on the dance floor of multiple clubs.  Stepping derives partly from African foot dances. Yes, you will see stepping on our cruise.  Even if you are not in a Fraternity or Sorority, our "STOMP THE DECK”  event will have you moving and cheering.



You may have heard that laughter lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, works your abs – (six pack laughter), releases endorphines and produces a general sense of well-being.  We have comedy shows on our cruise with comedians like DL Hughley, Sinbad, Rickey Smiley and others. Festival at Sea onboard hosts Damon Williams and AJ Jamal have been traveling with us for over 20 years. Even our UNCF Bachelor Auction is a hilarious event playing to a full house every time.


Cruise Uniquely Designed Around Us

We have Domino tournaments and Bid Whist free play, Gospel brunch, and African head wrap demonstrations just to name a few.  Festival At Sea’s cruise calendar is action packed.  We always say “pace yourself” because there is so much to do.  You don’t want to be spotted knocked out on one of the decks.  Who knew culture could be so much FUN!? That’s why at Festival at Sea we say ... once you go  ... then you know!

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