It is not too early to think about travel protection! We, as your travel advisors, highly recommend the purchase of travel protection. Travel protection is designed to protect you from a host of events both before and during travel.


Every year we hear from clients who must cancel their trip due to unforeseen circumstances.  A travel protection plan is a package of insurance benefits and non-insurance services intended to help protect your travel investment, your belongings, and most importantly, yourself.


Most of our travelers follow our advice and purchase travel protection. That is why we proudly suggest Travel Insured as our travel protection provider.


Travel Insured International

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Travel Insured offers World Wide Trip Protector and World Wide Trip Protector Plus plans with Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefits.


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Please call WTP Customer Care with any questions or if you need to adjust your policy once it has been purchased.

Group Desk 1-800-243-3174, Group #53817.

Group Deluxe Plan with CFAR

Group Deluxe Plan with CFAR
Group Deluxe Plan with CFAR benefit must be added within 14 days of initial booking date.
This plan is priced by the total cost of your trip. Inquire about this plan to find coverage not based on age.
Note: The State of New York does not allow CFAR policies.
Pricing & Benefits Group Deluxe
Customer Care: Questions on Group Deluxe Plans
Account #126400

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