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Festival at Sea Groups
  • Travel Insurance:
    Click here to view the insurance options offered for Festival at Sea. Feel free to look for your own insurance policy as well!
  • Celebrity Cruise Lines Health and Safety Protocols:
    Celebrity's Health and Safety Protocols can be found here:
  • Payments Taxes and Fees:
    Prices listed are per person double occupancy and include port charges. Taxes, fees and gratuities are not included. Those amounts are listed below. 3rd person adults sharing with two full paying adults are $1,999.00 (interior, ocean-view, balcony) and $2,599.00 per person (suites), plus taxes and gratuities. Note: Due to showroom capacity limitations, 3rd person adults are on request only. Requests are not guaranteed. There are no 4th person adults permitted. 3rd/4th children (6 mo.-17) in a cabin with two full paying adults are $899.00 per person plus taxes, fees and gratuities. Child’s fare does not include show tickets. Single Occupancy rates are double the published price plus taxes, fees and gratuities per person. Deposits and additional payments are also double the per person amount. Taxes and fees of $170.00 plus gratuities of $140.00 per person for Standard Cabins, $144.00 per person for Concierge and Aqua Cabins and $168.00 per person for Suite Guests are additional to the Published Prices. Deposits: Initial deposit of $300.00 per person ($600.00 per person suites) are due at time of booking. Additional monthly payments of $300.00 per person ($600.00 per person suites) are due until paid in full. Final payment is due no later than April 1, 2024. Initial cabin deposits, as well as all subsequent payments, including hotel reservations are non-refundable. Blue World will not be able to match guests for our 2024 sailing.
  • Beverage and WiFi Packages:
    Festival at Sea is a chartered cruise. The inclusions will vary from Celebrity's standard cruises. Beverage packages and WiFi packages are not included in the price above. You will be able to purchase these packages prior to sailing in 2024.
  • Festival at Sea 2024 Full Terms and Conditions:
    To view/print the Festival at Sea 2024 Terms & Conditions, click here.
  • Incentive Awards:
    Incentive awards are as follows:​ 16 passengers - One complimentary passenger cabin fare.​ 32 passengers - Two complimentary passenger cabin fares.​ 48 Passengers - Three complimentary passenger cabin fares.​ 64 Passengers - Four complimentary passenger cabin fares.*​ (​No rebate is given for partial groups e.g. 15 full paying passengers etc.)
  • Group Dining:
    Group Leaderes are required to assign dinig for their group. Blue World Travel will supply Group Leaders with forms for dinner table seating. It is imperative that you check with your group members individually regarding their dining requests and that you ask them NOT to send in separate dining forms. Please let us know if your group has any special requests such as a meeting place, group picture, private party arrangements, etc.
  • Group T-Shirts:
    Group T-shirts and other items may be distributed to your members only, prior to the cruise. No merchandise may be sold at Festival at Sea venues. Please note that the Festival at Sea mascot, “Island Ike”, the names “Festival at Sea”, “Blue World Travel”, and “Cruising With An African American Twist” are trademarks of Blue World Travel Corp. Any use or reproduction of the above for sale or distribution is prohibited.
  • Terms and Conditions:
    Group Leaders are required to confirm their reservations with an application and deposit for the specific cabin category desired. Group Leaders are required to make monthly payments as outlined for their own reservation. Once you have reached the required number of group members for a complimentary passenger fare, you will be refunded the cruise fare only, based on the average category booked by your members. Group Leaders may upgrade their cabin category for an additional charge (if applicable).​ Reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis.​ No cabins will be held without a deposit from every passenger in the cabin.​ ​ BE SURE THAT YOUR GROUP MEMBERS ARE AWARE OF THE PAYMENT POLICIES; PARTICULARLY THAT PAYMENTS ARE DUE EVERY 30 DAYS AND ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. ​​ Separate groups cannot be merged for any reason. Repeat passengers that were not members of your group in previous years can dine with your current group but do not count towards your incentive. Repeat passengers that originally sailed as members of your group may continue to be members of your current group. Repeat passengers may form their own groups. However, as a courtesy, please inform your previous Group Leader that you are forming a group of your own. Blue World Travel will keep track of your group by your name and number. You will be assigned a number by one of our reservation agents. Prior to sailing, we will send you a summary of the confirmed members in your group. We ask that Group Leaders also keep track of the names and number of members in their group. This will serve as a cross check.

The goal of our group leader program is to introduce people to Festival at Sea and to reward our Group Leaders for their hard work. The policies and procedures of our Group Leader Program are listed below. In order to be acknowledged as a Group Leader and receive credit for your group, please click on the button below and fill out the form. Once we receive your registration form, we will assign you a Group Leader number, which we will use to keep track of your group members. Group leader policies and procedures apply to our 7 day charter sailing only.


A group consists of a minimum of 16 (sixteen) full paying passengers, or 8 (eight) cabins. The third and fourth person(s) in the same cabin are not included in the calculations for the incentive. The Group Leader is responsible for paying his/her own airfare, port charges, taxes and gratuities. Hotels are not included in the group leader incentive.

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